Uchha Shiksha Nikchhep Yojana

This is a Personal Individual Deposit Account opened on behalf of individuals below 14 years of age by their parents/guardians till the child reaches 16 years of age.

This is a saving account with a fixed account feature i.e. Deposit can be done but withdrawn is forbidden till the maturity. The balance will be transferred to the normal saving account upon maturity of the account.
  1. The account may be opened with a minimum balance of NPR 16.00
  2. The account will provide interest calculated on a daily balance and credited to the account quarterly
  3. This account can be opened in local currency only
  4. Free ABBS Facility
  5. Free Internet Banking*
  6. 50% discount on annual charge of Safe Deposit.*
  7. The parents/guardians can take loans against the deposit up to maximum three times during its entire span with interest on loan just 2% above the deposit rate.
  8. Free accidnetal insurance cover of NPR 100,000.00 in the event of accidental death of parents/guardinas as presecribed by insurance norms will be provided for the safe guard the future of the child. This will be applicable for those accounts whose  balance is above NPR 100,000.00

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