MBL FCY Saving Account

MBL Foreign Currency Saving Account focuses on individuals who gets/earns in terms of foreign curency.

We offer the best interest rates in Foreign Currency Saving Deposits. 

S.N. Description Opening Amount
1 MBL Foreign Currency Saving Account - USD USD 50.00
2 MBL Foreign Currency Saving Account - EUR EUR 10.00 
3 MBL Foreign Currency Saving Account - GBP GBP 10.00

1. Nepalese nationals residing, working and eaming in abroad.
2. Nepalese nationals residing, working and earning in Nepal in terms of foreign currency.
3. Eligible NGOsANGOs to operate FCY Account as per the directives of NRB.
4. Foreign nationals residing and working in Nepal. !-' 5. All the prospective customers who can open an FCY Account as per the guidelines/ directives of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

We asuure our best efficient and reliable services up to your satisfaction at all times.


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