MBL Visa Debit Card

Machhapuchchhre Bank Visa Debit Card features and advantages

Machhapuchchhre Bank provides you the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of electronic transactions (cash withdrawal, purchase, fast cash transaction) by availing the following Visa card types: 

1. MBL Visa debit card - Domestic (valid in Nepal and India only) 

2. MBL Visa debit card – International (valid in all countries except Nepal and India) 

MBL Visa Debit Card - Domestic (valid in Nepal and India only)

Customers can apply for MBL Visa debit card – Domestic from any of our branches. This card can be used in all ATMs and POS displaying Visa logo in Nepal and India.


  • Valid in Nepal and India only
  • Signature based debit card
  • Accepted widely and secure transaction
  • Supplementary cards can be issued to customer’s spouse, children or parents.


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