Trade Product

Recognizing the growing importance of international trade in the economy and need for bank's active participation in this regard, Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited offers following products and services:

Letter of Credit

  1. Import LC services
  2. Export LC services

Export Documents / Bills 

  1. Negotiation
  2. Purchase / Discount
  3. Acceptances

Bills in Collections 

  1. Import Collections
  2. Export Collections

Clean Collection

  1. Inward Collections
  2. Cheques and Drafts
  3. Outward Collections
  4. Cheques, Drafts and Travelers Cheques


  1. Bid Bond / Tender Guarantee
  2. Performance Guarantee
  3. Advance Payment Guarantee
  4. Financial Guarantee
  5. Counter Guarantee
  6. Other Guarantees



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